As the largest organized military and veteran gaming group in the nation, we strive to provide an exceptional gaming experience for our military servicemembers and dependents.

Group responsibility is shared among 10-15 trustees whom are currently in the US Armed Forces or have served honorably.

We differ from other military gaming organizations in that we are an ad-free community. We don’t try to sell anything or shove advertisements down your throat. We are a gaming community where everyone looks out for each other.



We are the largest military and veteran gaming community in the nation. The variety of games and platforms this community can support is immense.

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Career Progression

Our members come from many walks of life. Many are still active in military service and some have moved into great success into the civilian sector. Come meet people who wore the same uniform as you did and understand your needs.

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There are over 600+ US Military Servicemembers past and present in our community. We utilize Discord as an exceptional tool to meet our communication needs.

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Next Steps…

Everyone in our community is on discord. Click on the button to be redirected to our community.

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